Pursuant to the Constitutional Court Law, all applications are reviewed and the decision regarding initiation of a case or refusal to do so is taken by a court Panel composed of three justices unless the Panel decides to refuse to initiate a case and a judge – a member of the Panel – votes against such decision by the Panel and provides reasoned objections. In such a case, examination of the application and the taking of a decision shall be transferred to the assignments sitting with the full composition of the Court.

A Panel shall be established for one year by the Constitutional Court with an absolute majority vote by full membership of the Court.

A Panel whose structure includes the President of the Constitutional Court or Vice-President shall be chaired accordingly by the President of the Constitutional Court or Vice-President.

A Panel whose structure does not include the President of the Constitutional Court or Vice-President shall be chaired by the Chair of the Panel whom the Panel shall elect from among its members.

Panel meetings shall be closed. Only relevant members of the Panel shall participate thereof. If necessary, members of the Panel may invite the applicant, employees of the Constitutional Court as well as other persons to participate in a meeting.

From 29 August 2023 the composition of the Panels of the Constitutional Court is as follows:

1st Panel 2nd Panel
Aldis Laviņš – Chairperson of the Panel
Artūrs Kučs
Anita Rodiņa
Irēna Kucina – Chairperson of the Panel
Jānis Neimanis
Jautrīte Briede
3rd Panel 4th Panel
Gunārs Kusiņš – Chairperson of the Panel
Anita Rodiņa
Jautrīte Briede
Jānis Neimanis – Chairperson of the Panel
Gunārs Kusiņš
Artūrs Kučs