Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia within its competency deals with both legal and political-legal issues. It is an important tool for strengthening democratic rule-of-law state. Constitutional Court’s responsibility towards the sovereign is to protect the principles of Latvia as a democratic rule-of law state within the limits of the Constitution and to protect constitutional identity of Latvia.

By protecting constitutional values and fundamental rights, the Constitutional Court plays an important role in forming and developing a state based on the fundamental principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights, and free market economy. Judgments of the Constitutional Court make up the reputation of the state, contribute to its economic development and have an effect on every state processes regulated by the Constitution.

The Constitutional Court has played an important role in strengthening Latvian statehood. For more than twenty years it has contributed by assessing issues of constitutional importance and developing the interpretation of the Constitution in accordance with a democratic rule-of-law state and the ideas and principles of constitutionalism. Judgments of the Constitutional Court reflect the evolution of the structure of the Latvian state and constitutionalism over the past two decades and form a doctrine of constitutional law in Latvia.

Europe has become opened and unified within its legal culture; as a result, constitutional courts today work in a legal environment formed by the national, European, and international law. In the globalised world the Constitutional Court of Latvia, just as any other constitutional court, needs to define its role in this context. It is our future challenge and responsibility.

Ineta Ziemele,
the President of the Constitutional Court



I. Ziemele: Inspirers should be aware of their moral responsibility since ideas influence the progress of society and change human lives

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A case initiated with respect to a norm in the Cabinet Regulation that defines the right of an imprisoned person to use certain objects in cells and common use premises

On 14 November 2018, the Constitutional Court at its assignments sitting initiated the case “On Compliance of Para 40 in the Cabinet Regulation of 30 May 2006 No. 423 “The Internal Regulations of an Institution for Deprivation of Liberty” with Article 112 of the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia” The Contested Norm Para 40 in the Cabinet […]


The Minister’s Order on suspending paragraphs in the decision by the Rēzekne City Council, which determine the parents’ obligation to pay for the catering costs for children in the special pre-school institutions of education, complies with Section 49 of the law “On Local Governments”

On 15 November 2018, the Constitutional Court passed the judgement in the case “On Compliance of the Order by the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development of 26 September 2017 No. 1-2/7346 “On Suspending Sub-para 1.3., in the part determining catering costs (parents’ payment) in the special pre-school institutions of education, and suspending Para 7 of the Decision […]


The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Latvia Eugen Revenco visits the Constitutional Court

On Friday, 26 October, the President of the Constitutional Court Ineta Ziemele met the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter – Moldova) to Latvia Eugen Revenco. During the meeting, the parties discussed matters of cooperation pertaining to possible experience sharing of the lawyers from the Constitutional Court of Moldova at the Constitutional Court of […]


The participants of the intensive study programme from the Riga Graduate School of Law visit the Constitutional Court

On Friday, 26 October, the participants of the intensive study programme at the Riga Graduate School of Law from Eastern Europe, the Balkan countries and the states of Central Asia visited the Constitutional Court. At the Constitutional Court, the visitors were welcomed by the Advisors of the Constitutional Court Kristaps Tamužs and Uldis Krastiņš. The Advisors provided to […]