The Constitutional Court has a specialised book depository (library). It is used for academic research and provides the judges and employees of the Court with information necessary for their work.

The Library holds legal texts concerning various areas of law.

There are around 2300 book items in the Library – monographs, research works, conference papers, court reports.

Legal periodicals are also available: the law journal Jurista Vārds [Lawyer’s Word], as well as all issues of the journal Likums un tiesības (1999–2009) – a collection that can be considered a bibliographic rarity.

The Library also contains bulletins, reports (collected judgments), and journals of constitutional courts of other countries – e.g., Lithuania, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, South Korea, France, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine.

Since 2014, the Court has been subscribed to the International Journal of Constitutional Law (publisher: Oxford Journals) and Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law (publisher: Verlag Österreich).

In addition to legal texts, literature is available concerning other fields of science and humanities: politics, history, economics, culture, and philosophy.

A summary of information on the Constitutional Court that has been appearing in press since the establishment of the Court can also be found in the Library.