Romāns Apsītis

Vice-President of the Constitutional Court

Romāns Apsītis was born on February 13, 1939.

In 1963 graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Law, Department of Law of the Latvia University but in 1970 from the post-graduate course of the Latvia University. Doctor of Law, Honorary Doctor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Since 1965 – lecturer at the University of Latvia. Since 2003 – the Professor of the Latvia University Department of Legal Theory and History of Legal Sciences.

From 1976 to 1980 has been Head of the Philosophy and Legal Sciences Editorial Board of the General Encyclopaedia Office. From 1990 to 1993 – Deputy of the Republic of Latvia Supreme Council, Member of the Legislative Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Mandate and Deputy Ethics Committee. Was elected the Deputy of the Fifth Saeima and has been the Member of Legal Affairs Committee; Deputy Chairman of the Mandate and Submissions Committee; at the same time carrying out the duties of the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. From 1994 to 1995 – the Minister of Justice. Was elected also the Deputy of the Sixth Saeima, performing duties in the Saeima Legal Affairs Committee and carrying out the duties of the Deputy Chairman of the Mandate and Submissions Committee.

Author of more than 300 papers in encyclopaedia publications, collections of scientific publications and press; co-author of three text–books on history of law of Latvia. Has edited and translated text-books on law and scientific papers.

Awarded with the Order of the Three Stars, Third Class, the Commemorative badge “For participation in the Barricades in 1991” and the Ministry of Justice First Degree Commendation.

In 1996 Romāns Apsītis was approved as the Judge of the Constitutional Court. In 2000 he was elected the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court.

The Judge died on 17 February 2022.