Ilma Čepāne

Judge of the Constitutional Court

Ilma Čepāne was born on 29 April 1947.

In 1970 graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Latvia University, in 1984 – graduated the post-graduate course of the University of Latvia. Defended the thesis at the Moscow State University in 1986. Doctor of Law.

Since 1977 – lecturer at the University of Latvia. Since 2002 – Professor of the Faculty of Law Department of Civil Law.

From 1990 to 1993 has been the Deputy of the Republic of Latvia Supreme Council, Member of the Committee for Environmental Protection. From 1993 to 1996 – the Parliamentary Secretary of the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Transportation. Since 1994 Member of the Central Land Commission. In 1996 the Saeima confirmed her as the justice of the Republic of Latvia Constitutional Court.

Has perfected her knowledge at the Constitutional Council and State Council of France, at the Supreme Court of Canada and the State of Denmark Administrative School.

Author of more than 60 publications on environmental protection and legal issues of the land reform.

In 1996 Ilma Čepāne was approved as the Judge of the Constitutional Court. She held this position until July 2006, when she left the position of a Judge of her own accord to become a member of the Saeima.

Head of the Legal Commission of 10th and 11th Saeima.

Awarded with the Order of the Three Stars, Third Class and the Commemorative badge “For participation in the Barricades in 1991”.

In 2021, she received the Letter of Excellence from the Constitutional Court for her contribution to strengthening the values of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, promoting the growth of an independent and democratic Latvia through honest work in the Supreme Council, the Constitutional Court, the University of Latvia and the Saeima.