Acording to the Section 16 of the Constitutional Court Law the Constitutional Court shall adjudicate matters regarding:

1) conformity of laws with the Constitution;

2) conformity of international agreements signed or entered into by Latvia (also until the confirmation of the relevant agreements in the Saeima) with the Constitution;

3) conformity of other laws and regulations or parts thereof with the norms (acts) of a higher legal force;

4) conformity of other acts of the Saeima, the Cabinet, the President, the Speaker of the Saeima and the Prime Minster, except for administrative acts, with law;

5) conformity with law of such an order with which a Minister authorised by the Cabinet has suspended a decision taken by a local government council;

6) conformity of Latvian national legal norms with those international agreements entered into by Latvia that is not in conflict with the Constitution.