Strong and independent Constitutional Court is an indispensable element in the development of Latvia as a democratic state governed by the rule of law. The Constitutional Court, being the guardian of the Satversme, defends the fundamental values and freedoms of all individuals in Latvia.

The judicial power protects justice as one of the fundamental values of a state governed by the rule of law and acts in society’s interests. (The Constitutional Court’s Judgement of 12 November 2015 in Case No. 2015-06-01, Para 11.1.)

The Constitutional Court’s task is to ensure, in line with its competence, the existence of such legal system, in which, as fully and comprehensibly as possible, a regulation that is incompatible with the Satversme or legal norms (acts) of higher legal force would be eliminated, as well as to provide its assessment on constitutionally important matters. (The Constitutional Court’s Judgement of 7 April 2009 in Case No. 2008-35-01, Para 11.2.)

The Preamble to the Satversme provides that the State of Latvia was established to ensure freedom and promote welfare of the people of Latvia and each individual. Thus, one of the State’s tasks is to promote the welfare of Latvia’s society. To this end, democratic state order has been created in Latvia. The most effective exercise of human rights and freedoms is possible in the conditions of democracy. (The Constitutional Court’s Judgement of 2 July 2015 in Case No. 2015-01-01, Para 15.1.)

Human dignity and the value of each individual is the substance of human rights. Therefore, in a democratic state governed by the rule of law, both the legislator, in adopting legal norms, and the party applying the legal norms, in the application thereof, must respect human dignity. (The Constitutional Court’s Judgement of 19 December 2017 in Case No. 2017-02-03, Para 19.1.)



United European legal space – the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union meet in a dialogue

On Thursday, 11 March, the Constitutional Court, collaborating with the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union (hereafter – CJEU) held a webinar on the theme “Role of the Constitutional Court in ensuring the conformity of national law with the EU law”. The parties discussed the shared responsibility of the Constitutional […]


A case initiated with respect to the restriction which does not allow an official with a special service rank to receive additional payment for work on holidays

On 17 February 2021, the 2nd Panel of the Constitutional Court initiated the case “On compliance of Section 14(6) of the Law on Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Local Government Authorities with Article 91 and Article 107 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia”. Contested Provision Section 14(6) of the Law […]


Justices of the Constitutional Court take part remotely in the XVIII Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts

The XVIII Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts (the Congress) is taking place online on 24 and 25 February. On day one, the President of the Constitutional Court Sanita Osipova participates in the meeting of the Circle of Presidents of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts. On day two, the judges of the Constitutional Court […]


The provision criminalising negligent storage of firearm ammunition is compatible with the Constitution; the transitional provision of the amendments to the Criminal Law is not

On 19 February 2021, the Constitutional Court passed a judgment in Case No 2020-23-01 “On the compliance of Section 236(1) of the Criminal Law (in the wording that was in force until 31 March 2013) with Article 90 and Article 92 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia and the compliance of the transitional provision […]


Forty students from twenty-eight Latvian schools awarded in the competition on the significance of equality and responsibility, devoted to the Constitution of Latvia

On Monday, 15 February, to mark 99 years since the adoption of the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia (the Constitution), an online ceremony was held to award the prize winners in the drawings and essay competition organised by the Constitutional Court. Awards and the special prizes of the cooperation partners were presented to 40 […]