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A case on the rights of joint owners has been initiated

The First Panel of the Constitutional Court has initiated a case “On Compliance of the First Part of Section 1068 of the Civil Law with Article 105 of the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia”. The applicant, JSC “Pilsētas zemes dienests” indicates that it owns an undivided share in several land properties; moreover, residential houses […]


Taxation of incomes gained from deposits does comply with the Satversme

The Constitutional Court has adopted a judgment in the case No. 2010-25-01 “On Compliance of Section 6 of the Law “Amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax” of 1 December 2009 (Provision Envisaging Crossing out of Section 9 (1) (3) of the Law “On Personal Income Tax” and Section 8 (3) (13) and Section […]


A judgment in the case on examination procedure for budgetary requests of the Chancellery of the President, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the State Audit Office and the Office of the Ombudsman has been adopted

The Constitutional Court has adopted a judgment in the case No. 2010-06-01 “On Compliance of Section 19 (5) of the Law on Budget and Financial Management, Section 44 (2) of the Law on the State Audit Office and Section 19 (2) of the Ombudsman Law with Article 1, Article 83 and Article 87 of the […]