Speeches and publications


Speech by the Judge Daiga Rezevska at the 9th Meeting of the CoE-FRA-ENNHRI-EQUINET Collaborative Platform on Social and Economic Rights

Prof. Dr.iur. Daiga Rezevska Judge of the Constitutional court of Republic of Latvia Strasbourg 28 November 2019 Concretisation and implementation of social and economic rights by the Constitutional Court of Latvia – challenges and solutions for advancing social and economic rights at national level Protection of social and economic rights by the Constitution of the […]


Vice-president’s of the Constitutional Court Sanita Osipova’s speech at the international summit “World without Walls” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Freedom after Freedom Berlin 8th of November, 2019 Having reached a certain age, I have the privilege to remember. To remember what? I lived the experience of summer of 1989 in Riga and Berlin. In Riga was happening what we call Atmoda [Awakening].  People were happy and dizzy as would be anyone who is […]


Compensation for moral damages in civil cases

Aldis Laviņš Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia Maetaguse 26 September 2019 1. Legal basis Article 92 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia provides that in case of unjustified infringement of rights everyone has the right to appropriate compensation. In civil relations, the right to compensation for moral damages […]


Address by the President of the Constitutional Court Ineta Ziemele at the Latvian Embassy to the representatives of the diplomatic missions in Austria

Professor, PhD Ineta Ziemele President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia Vienna 3 July 2019 Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen! Contextual significance of the meeting day This year we celebrated 99 years since the Constitutional Assembly, the first Parliament of Latvia was elected by its citizens, convened for its first session with a […]


Speech by the Vice-President Sanita Osipova in bilateral meeting with the Judges of Constitutional Court of Austria

Professor, Dr. iur. Sanita Osipova Vice-President Sanita Osipova of the Constitutional Court Vienna 03 July 2019 Constitutional identity of the Republic of Latvia in judgments of the Constitutional Court The contemporary model of a state – constitutional representative democracy – has been in formation for centuries, if not millennia. Its foundation is in the heritage of […]


Speech by the Judge Jānis Neimanis at International Conference “Human Rights and National Security: Ensuring the Balance of Human Rights and the Interests of the State. The Role of the Body of Constitutional Jurisdiction”

Dr.iur. Janis Neimanis Judge of the Constitutional court of Republic of Latvia Kiev 27 June 2019 The Role of Ordinary and Administrative Courts: Improving the Protection of Citizens’ Fundamental Rights Ladies and gentlemen! Comprehensive protection of persons’ rights and effectiveness of legal remedies are decisive for national security. If protection of rights has not been […]


Redeeming democracy in a post-liberal technology driven world

Professor, PhD Ineta Ziemele President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia Riga 14 June 2019 Ladies and gentlemen! Introduction: The XXI century has arrived together with the realization that technology, especially digital technology, not only opens up new possibilities for individuals and societies but it also allegedly blurs the borders of, and […]