Justice of the Constitutional Court Gunārs Kusiņš participates in a conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea


From 2 September to 5 September, the Justice of the Constitutional Court Gunārs Kusiņš will attend the international conference “Constitutional Justice and Democracy”, which is organised to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea (hereinafter – South Korea). The Conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

Four working sessions with presentations and following discussions are scheduled for the Conference. During the first working sessions, the speakers will revisit the experience of the states in establishing the bodies of constitutional review, the development thereof up to the present and will also provide their perspective on the way the existence of a constitutional court has facilitated the development of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and the consolidation of its values. The second working session will examine the ways in which the rulings by the constitutional courts have influenced the legislator’s work, the protection of minority rights and social integration.

The third working session will be dedicated to the role of the constitutional courts in safeguarding the human rights. The speakers will examine the case law of a number of countries, focusing on the findings and conclusions included in the court’s rulings and pertaining to the field of human rights protection. The final session of the conference, in turn, will focus on the discussions on the future challenges, searching answers to the question what the further development of the institutions of constitutional review and the constitutional law could be under the influence of the globalisation processes.

The conference will be attended and presentations given by the representatives of the constitutional jurisdictions from countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, Tajikistan, Bolivia, Argentina, and others.