Constitutional Court judge Ineta Ziemele will take part in an international conference in Cyprus


Tomorrow, on 28 April, the Constitutional Court judge Ineta Ziemele will participate as a speaker in the international conference Freedom of Expression Online, organised jointly by the Council of Europe and the Supreme Court of Cyprus.

The conference aims to address topics connected with the rapidly growing number of disputes that originate online and increasingly often invoke the freedom of expression. In the context of the role that the internet environment plays in everyday communication, the conference offers a great opportunity for the participants to discuss and exchange experience on the ways to ensure that human rights are observed in the online space and to achieve a unified position on the policy of using internet environment.

At the conference, Ineta Ziemele will speak on the rights and responsibilities of intermediaries. She will focus directly on the aspects deriving from the scope of the right to freedom of speech and from the conclusions made in the practice of the European Court of Human Rights.

The conference participants will include officials and representatives of the EU bodies, judges, representatives of the judiciary, as well as media experts and private sector specialists. One of the conference opening speeches will be delivered by the Vice President of the Council of State of France Jean-Marc Sauvé, who will give an insight in the topicality of the conference theme in the era of constantly evolving digital technologies.

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