Jānis Neimanis

Justice of the Constitutional Court
Assoc. Prof., Dr. iur.

Jānis Neimanis was born on 21 February 1976.

Jānis Neimanis graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, receiving a lawyer’s qualification in 1999 and a master of social sciences degree in law in 2000.

Having completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, and defended his thesis “Constitutional and Methodological Challenges in the Further Development of Law” in 2005, he was awarded a doctor’s degree in Legal Theory and History.

Jānis Neimanis started his working career in 1995 as a desk officer at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia, later becoming an assistant to the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry. From 1997, he continued his career by working for the Register of Enterprises of Latvia – first as the Head of the Public Organisations Register, then as the Deputy Head of the Legal Department, and a notary public.

In 1999, Jānis Neimanis started his academic activity as a teacher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia; later on, he became a lecturer in Legal Theory and Legal Methods Training courses. In 2006, he was elected docent, and in the middle of 2012 – associate professor at the University of Latvia.

In 2003, Jānis Neimanis became an attorney at law; in 2007, he was confirmed as a Judge and assumed the office at the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court of Latvia. Since 2014 until entering the office of the Justice of the Constitutional Court was a member of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee. He is also a member and the Chairman of the Board of Latvian Association of Administrative Judges.

In recent years Jānis Neimanis has participated as a speaker in international- and national-scale conferences, particularly addressing issues related to the administrative law and administrative process in Latvia, as well as the role of judges in the application of law, highlighting the issues of legal theory and techniques.

Jānis Neimanis has published several books and participated in preparing a number of volumes for publication; he has also published more than fifty articles on various aspects of legal theory and administrative law.

Jānis Neimanis has received, from both the Supreme Court and the Minister for Justice, awards (certificates of recognition) for his long-standing dedicated work and his significant contribution to strengthening the rule of law and to improving the legal system of Latvia.

On 22 December 2016, Jānis Neimanis was confirmed as a Justice of the Constitutional Court and assumed the office on 3 April 2017.