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Judicial remuneration freeze do not comply with the Satversme

The Constitutional Court has adopted a judgment in the case wherein it assessed the freezing of judicial remuneration (case No. 2009-11-01 “Compliance of the Second Sentence of Para 7 and Para 17 of the Transitional Provisions of the Law “On Judicial Power” (wording of 14 November 2008) with Article 1, Article 83 and Article 107 […]


A case on procedure for repayment of value added tax has been initiated

The Second Panel of the Constitutional Court has initiated a case “On Compliance of Item 10 of Section 16 of the Law on Taxes and Fees with Article 1 and Article 105 of the Satversme (Constitution) of the Republic of Latvia”. Article 1 of the Satversme provides that Latvia is an independent democratic republic, whilst […]