A case initiated with respect to the norm of the Road Traffic Law, which provides that certain information included in the State Register of Vehicles and Drivers is generally accessible


On 23 August 2018, the 1st Panel of the Constitutional Court initiated the case “On Compliance of Section 141 (2) of the Road Traffic Law with Article 96 of the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia”.

The Contested Norm

Section 141 (2) of the Road Traffic Law provides that information regarding a vehicle owned by a legal person, except the information defined in the first part of this Section, regarding the rights of a person to drive a vehicle, regarding penalties of the person, which have been applied regarding road traffic violations, not paid within time period prescribed by the law, as well as other information in the State Register of Vehicles and Drivers and the Information System on Tractor-Type Machinery and Drivers is generally accessible information.

The Norm of Higher Legal Force

Article 96 of the Satversme: “Everyone has the right to inviolability of his or her private life, home and correspondence”.

The Facts of the Case

The case has been initiated on the basis of an application submitted by Jānis Kāršenieks. It is noted in the application that on 4 August 2018 the applicant had eight demerit points registered in the State Register of Vehicles and Drivers. In accordance with the contested norm, this information is generally accessible. The applicant holds that it violates his right to inviolability of private life enshrined in Article 96 of the Satversme.

Legal Proceedings

The Constitutional Court has requested the Saeima to provide a reply on the facts of the case and legal substantiation by 23 October 2018.

The term for preparing the case is 23 January 2019. The Court shall decide upon the procedure and the date for hearing the case after the case has been prepared.

Open in PDF: 2018-18-01_PR_par_ierosinasanu_ENG

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